KrisSentencing for 26 year old Krismar Espinosa was held this morning at the Northern Session of the Supreme Court. Presiding judge was Hurbert Lord and Espinosa’s defence attorney was Leo Bradley. On June 5th 2015, Espinosa was found not guilty for murder but guilty of a lesser charge for manslaughter when it comes to the death of then 24 year old Rachel Cicely Chun.

In court today, after 4 witnesses were called for the mitigation plea, Judge Lord sentenced Espinosa to 16 years imprisonment. Viewers may recall that in September of 2007, Espinosa was accused for the murder of Chun. Chun’s badly decomposed body was removed from an unfinished concrete house on Santa Familia Street in Orange Walk Town. At the crime scene, a bloody cement block, which was believed to be the murder weapon, was also found. That same day, Krismar Espinosa, an Orange Walk resident, who was only seventeen years old at the time, was arrested since he was the last person Chun was seen with and due to the conversations he had following the murder.

And because Espinosa had already spent some time in remand since 2007, his total time left to serve in remand is a little over 8 years, but that is only for Chun’s case. We say that because Espinosa still has another charge of murder to respond to. One which he was already acquitted of due to lack of evidence but then a retrial was ordered after the prosecution appealed the decision. On Monday that case will go to the Supreme Court. Espinosa will face Judge Lucas as the retrial into the death of Keon Swasey commences.

On December 24th 2009, Swasey, who was on remand for a number of charges, was stabbed to death in a prison cell at the Belize Central Prison. Espinosa immediately became a suspect and was charged for the murder since he was taking a phone call around the same area the stabbing took place and because it was believed that there was an old beef between the two inmates.

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