noimageThe beginning of a new relationships between the Guatemalan and Israeli communities have commenced as Manuel Roldan of Guatemala and Oren Bar El of Israel were sworn in as new ambassadors to Belize.

Israel and Guatemala share a long history together; Israel provided weapons to the Guatemalan government during its genocidal civil war.  Israel also became Guatemala’s main arms supplier in the 1970’s after the United States refused to supply them with weapons.  Ironically, those very weapons were used for causing threats along our Belizean Borders.

But it is a new decade, and despite the disorderly history between Guatemala and Belize, Israeli Ambassador, Bar El, assures the public that Israel is unbiased to the disputes.  He personally believes that the disputes between Guatemala and Belize can be solved without Israeli input.

Bar El acknowledges the history and togetherness Israel shares with Guatemala, but stands firm that Belize and Israel share a solid relationship that can withstand disagreement.

The Ambassador shares that the traditional goals of the Israeli community is the promotion of good relationships with its fellow nations, and while there are no high commercial interests, he believes it is important to establish economic relations. 

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