buyoutAs previously mentioned, in the secret recording of UDP Stann Creek West Standard Bearer Melvin Hulse, he made startling revelations about his party and his party leader, Prime Minister Dean Barrow. Hulse spoke on Barrow’s greed for power and making history to what he calls disparaging political decisions in the July Bye-election in Dangriga. And while we cannot air the recording in its entirety due to its vilifying nature, today the People’s United Party Secretariat issued a release stating that Hulse confirmed their assertions that and we quote, “the UDP government has been corruptly using Petrocaribe funds to trigger resignations by members of the House of Representatives leading to buy-elections”, end quote.

The PUP statement further explains that and we quote “This is precisely why the PUP has been against the Petrocaribe law that the UDP is hell-bent on enacting. The UDP government has been grossly abusing both the Petrocaribe money and the Finance and Audit Reform Act to perpetuate itself in power. Mr. Barrow is seeking, indirectly, to amend the Finance and Audit (Reform) Act not only to cover acts of criminality by his government but also in order to ensure that he can continue to spend the Petrocaribe funds anyway he likes, without oversight from anyone. This is a naked and obscene corruption, the more odious because of the attempt to give legislative backing to the abuse and illegality”, end quote.

Since the explosive allegations surfaced, Belizean’s have took to the social media to express their discontent on the fact that the media is unable to air the recording since the Prime Minister has threaten to sue anyone that airs the scandalous piece of recording.

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