Screen_Shot_2015-06-25_at_6.54.26_PMFollowing the burning confessions recorded in a secret tape in which he is heard speaking badly about his party leader, UDP Stann Creek West Standard Bearer Melvin Hulse, this afternoon released a statement in which indicated that he has decided to resign as the UDP standard bearer for his constituency.

In his statement to the public, Hulse states and we quote, “Today I delivered the formal letter of resignation to the UDP secretariat and to the Party Leader. I wish to make clear that I remain a member of the United Democratic Party, and am completely committed to the party and to the people of Stann Creek West. Indeed, I will work actively with my successor to bring a UDP general election victory in the constituency” end quote.

The release goes on to state that “I, of course, greatly regret the circumstances that have caused me to come to my decision. What I said about my Party leader in connection with the resignations from the House of Joseph Mahmud and Ivan Ramos is utterly untrue. I freely retract it because I knew it could not be true even when I said it. I was upset and disgruntled at the time, but that should never have caused me to say what I said with no basis at all. So I apologize and move on now to re-establish my personal and party relationship with Dean Barrow and the UDP”, end of release.

As to whom Hulse’s successor may be, ramblings in the public domain suggest that Pam Longsworth, principal of the Independence High School could be a viable candidate.

Viewers might recall that when interviewed by the media about the recording, the Prime Minister held back no punches. He even mentioned that Hulse is not part of any kind of inner circle in the UDP and would have to apologize to him publicly and personally. When asked what will be the consequences of Hulse’s actions and if he would continue being the Standard Bearer of Stann Creek West, the P.M responded that he would consult with other members of the party and then come to a decision but quote unquote “In politics anything can be expected."

In tomorrow’s house meeting in Belmopan the issue will surely be one that will bring much contention and we’ll have the PM’s reaction to Hulse’s resignation.

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