Screen_Shot_2015-06-25_at_6.54.34_PMYesterday, officials of the Sugar Industry Control Board met with representatives from BSI/ASR and the three associations for a crop update meeting where several matters were discussed including the date for the closure of the sugar cane crop season. The agreement for the end date says Chair of the SICB, Gabriel Martinez, was a flexible decision with the industry’s stakeholders.

GABRIEL MARTINEZ – Chairman, Sugar Industry Control Board

“The Associations would have wanted a little bit more time because well they have their members and they need to deliver but am BSI also have some deadlines that they need to meet particularly as it relates to maintenance of the factory.  I was very happy to see them coming up to a mid point, a common date, where BSI was flexible and the associations were flexible, I would say that both were good in justifying their positions but finally they came up with July the 7th which I think well you know perhaps is not the best date for the farmers but I like the spirit in which they came up with that final cloure of the factory for this crop.  It was agreed that the crop comes to a closure on July 7th at six in the evening so the SICB being the body that sanctions this type of relationships has consulted with its member and has put forward that notice to all so the crop will close on July 7th at 6pm.”

And despite a very late start and the splintering of Associations, Martinez says the season’s report card is looking exceptionally well. Martinez says he applauds the farmers for their collectively input in providing quality cane throughout the season.

GABRIEL MARTINEZ – Chairman, Sugar Industry Control Board

“Yesterday it was discussed thoroughly the performance of the farmers, the performance of the milland one must applaud so much for their hard work in keeping the quality of the cane at high levels and I must also commend the efficiency of the sugar mill, I think that assisted greatly I what I would consider to be a very, very good crop and I say very good at this time because we still have two more weeks to go and I hope that by that time I could finally say is an escellent crop that we have gone through, you know basically the late start and all the challenges that were there finally brought a very historic numbers in the sense that the amount of sugar cane that was milled this year is less but with more sugar coming out so I think that records a very important milestone in the history of the sugar cane industry.”


Maria Novelo – Reporter

“Was it record breaking, can you call it that ?”

GABRIEL MARTINEZ – Chairman, Sugar Industry Control Board

“I would say so; less cane and more sugar. Simple equation right there and I think we have to commend both farmers and the mill, we have to put a balance declaration on this issue because indeed I think factory performance was very good and the efficiency part of the cane farmers contributed to this success.”

It is of note that at twenty one weeks into the crop season, a total of one hundred and twenty eight thousand forty one tons of sugar has been produced, surpassing last years figures.

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