kevinSince the incident in Santa Cruz Village in the Toledo District erupted, there have been countless opinions expressed over the radio, TV and social media. It has definitely been a subject of discussion in households and the discussion goes on. Today Orange Walk Town Mayor, Kevin Bernard issued a statement on the matter. The Mayor says that he, like many, views the recent event in shock but continues on to “urge Belizeans to attempt to learn the facts surrounding the detention of Belizean Rupert Myles in Santa Cruz, Toledo, and the subsequent arrest and arraignment of MLA Spokesperson Cristina Coc and other Mayan residents of the village on Wednesday” unquote. He goes on to say and again we quote, “It is irresponsible, careless and regressive for any of us to make wild leaps and engage in reckless word-play and fear-mongering without being in possession of all the facts…Information is power, and all the excessive speculation and hatred being spewed, especially on the social media, is regrettable,” unquote. The Mayor also urged the Prime Minister Dean Barrow to remember that he is leader of the nation and that his words carry great weight and implication needing care on his part. He ended his statement saying, quote, “Racial division in Belize cannot be encouraged in any form or fashion. That is a dangerous road to take, and I caution all of us to step back before embarking on that journey,” unquote.

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