Screen_Shot_2015-06-25_at_6.54.57_PMAs mentioned at the top of the newscast the 2014/2015 crop season will come to an end on July 7th and with only two weeks before the crop season closes, the presumption is that the inclement weather would pose a challenge to farmers getting their sweet cargo to the mill. But according to Martinez, rain is not a factor.

GABRIEL MARTINEZ – Chairman, Sugar Industry Control Board

“Perhaps you and I would say that we have had a lot of rain but the farmers say that the rain that we have gotten is not what they consider to be a factor that will deter them from moving on and putting their efforts to get their cane to the factory, they should know very well they are the experts on the ground but it is a factor that we need to consider because you know everybody is into the issue of ensuring that we have quality cane in the factory so and that of course we have to monitor but unfortunateky we can’t do anything with the weather no.”

And with the Corozal Sugar Cane Producers Association and the United Cane Farmers Association officially registered, the Sugar Industry Control Board had its hands full working with three associations instead of one as has been the case for more than 50 years. Martinez says the relationship with the different associations has been a “cordial” one.

GABRIEL MARTINEZ – Chairman, Sugar Industry Control Board

“I have to say that what I admire of this relationship is the fact that the threea Associations work towards a common goal and that is quality, I must say that in various meetings that the three Assocaitions were involved if there was any talking about competition it was to see who would have the best quality cane so that in itself speaks volumes about you know wanting to be first on the issue of quality, I guess that they are still working out the structure within their individual Associations, which I guess will take some time, and I am hopefull that during the course of the off season they could come up with whatever they need to carry on in order to establish better their structure within their Associations and I guess that they would do a lot more, there are various initiatives that iv’e been hearing that they want to promote their membership which is good for the industry so I must say the relationship was a cordial one and one where they are working towards a common goal which is to ensure the sustainability of a good quality sugar cane.”


Viewers may recall that for the new Associations to have formed, Prime Minister Dean Barrow had to amend the Sugar Act which gave way to the formation of the two new associations to proceed legally.

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