no-image-availableLast week we reported on the recognition given to the highest ranking Primary School Examination students. Although there is the general fluctuation in the results which we have been seeing for a number of years now, all three, the Math, English and Science have dipped slightly. This year the results revealed Social Studies making a rebound when compared to last year. The Ministry says that the average has remained constant over ten years with spikes in 2008 and 2010, but with a slight overall increase over the last four years. And so looking into next year’s PSE, the Ministry is looking at several methods to introduce that can positively impact the students’ performance. Deputy CEO in the Ministry of Education, Allan Genitty says under the School improvement planning initiative they plan on developing a Parents Association.

Allan Gennitty– DEPUTY CEO, MOE

“The research has shown that whenever you have parental involvement in the child’s wellbeing and the academic schooling children do better in school and not only that but we wanted to move away from parents only being called upon to do fund raising but to be more involved in the whole academic improvement and the school improvement that we hope it will come about with the school improvement planning initiative.”

Another approach the Ministry if looking at to assist in propelling the students’ performance is in the training of school leaders. Gennity says the involvement of both school leaders and parents is the key to improving the statistics.

Allan Gennitty– DEPUTY CEO, MOE

“Whenever you have good leadership in the schools those schools are doing much better and whenever they have more parental involvement and school leadership those school tend to be excelling or at least improving so I would like to say that maybe we would want to encourage all the school leaders to get involved in the programs that we are rolling out and to take the very seriously in terms of turning our school around because at the end it is towards the benefit of our students if they are able to reach their full potential.”

A total of seven thousand three hundred and twenty-five students registered for the exams, but only seven thousand two hundred and twenty-three sat the exams this year.

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