Tonight, there is another report of police abusing their authority and this time, the victim claims his innocence by filing for court action. According to Javier Patt, a resident of Tower Hill in Orange Walk, on Saturday he went to visit his aunt in the village of San Jose also located in Orange Walk. Patt alleges that went to purchase some flour from the local store when on his way, he was approached aggressively by the officer commanding the Douglas Village substation. The officer says Patt, ordered him to stand still and placed him under arrest. Patt alleges that the officer, who reeked of alcohol, came off his motorbike and insisted that he was the person who stole a bicycle from within the village. Patt says the entire ordeal has left him in physical pain since the officer fired a shot at him at close range to try to get him to confess. He came to our studios this morning and gave us an account on what he describes as unjust treatment.

Screen_Shot_2015-07-06_at_7.38.33_PMJavier Patt – Alleges Police Abuse

“You mussi di mistake me I told him and he say no, no, no and give me your hand and then he put handcuff on me and then he grab me from my throat in front of all the people who were by the street and then he was choking me and he was asking me where is the bike and I told him officer I did not take any bike please don’t hurt and then when he let me go he punched me hard and I dropped and all the people saw me there and then he told me well you no want to talk then I will make you talk right now he told me and then he called Orange Walk station that he is detaining me and that he is talking me to Douglas and he will lock me up because of thieving a bike and then he come and he pulled his gun and then he pointed the gun at my head and he told me that he could just kill me up like a dog and nobody will know he told me and then I told him well you could go ahead and kill me because I am with God and he know I did not do anything and I am innocent I told him."

Patt’s mother, Eva Patt, says they will be filing a report and pressing charges.

Dalila Ical – Reporter CTV3

“Are you going to stand by your son and press any charges against this officer?”

EVA PATT– Mother of Complainant

“Yes, this evening we will go back to see Mr Tillette because he was busy, I will make sure I report it because it is unfair what this police officer is doing and what he did to my son.”

The Patt family hopes they can get the officer to pay for all medical expenses incurred. But as they say there are two sides to every story. Tonight though, we are unable to bring you the side of the police department and release the name of the officer being accused since we have not been able to confirm if Patt has lodged an official report against the officer.

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