With the new extension in the sugar crop, the stakeholders hope for good weather to meet their goal. Belizario Carballo says that they have agreed on five more days taking into consideration the time needed to conduct maintenance at the mill and other matters they want to carry out during the out of crop period.

carballoBelizario Carballo

“The reason why we had agreed on the 7th of July is a combination of factors which from the factory perspective clearly has to take into account the time we need for repair and maintenance and the mill has worked to produce 141,000 tons this year and it is a record production and it is also reflect how hard the mill has worked this crop and we need to have a proper repair and maintenance and it is indicative of a good crop which needs a proper repair and maintenance and we also have a number of capital project that we have plan for the out of crop period and next crop, we have a new cane dumper that we want to put in, we have modification in the cane yard that we need to do to accommodate the additional cane dumper, we have additional juice heaters that we want to put in and we have a new bagging line that we want to install and we have some automation in  the yard that we have to complete and overall we have significant plan for this out of crop and very conscious that we want to bring back this crop into cycle and for those reasons we are approaching the end of the crop but we are very pleased that we were able to extend to the 12th of July at six o’clock.”

This year the factory has performed at probably its highest efficiency level ever in the industry’s history.

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