imagesOn Friday we reported that six Cubans along with a Belizean Driver were intercepted by Orange Walk police as they made their way on the Bypass in a blue Toyota Van. The six Cubans have been arraigned in court and charged for illegal entry by the Immigration Department. But there is more to this story. On Friday evening, based on intelligence police descended to the temporary Bus terminal on Dunn Street here in Orange Walk where they met 13 Cuban Nationals boarding the bus. Upon further checks, police detained the group of thirteen men and women on the basis that they could not provide any visitors permit.

This afternoon all thirteen were arraigned including: 26 year old professor Eduardo Rodriguez, 27 year old technician Dilio Ochoa, 22 year old construction worker Geovannie Sanchez Obedo, 29 year old baker Yanzel Perrera, 28 year old teacher Erosuel Perrera, 32 year old housewife Yarisleidy Vega, 27 year old dirver Jorge Manuel Aries Guevarra, 30 year old security Jordan Ramos, 43 year old fisherman Jorge Rodriguez Moralez, 43 year old construction worker Marco Antonio Biltre, 32 year old pharmacist Eliel Espinoza Reyes and 22 year old fisherman Darrel Diaz Torres. They were all fined One thousand and five Belize dollars each; to be paid forthwith failure to comply will result in 6 months imprisonment. Immigration Department also requested through the court a removal order from the country, to be deported back to Cuba. It is of note that the Belizean driver in Friday’s incident has since been identified as Lucilo Mesh. He was charged for aiding and abetting illegal immigrants. Mesh met bail and was released.

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