policeAs mentioned police have their hands full as among the cases they are investigating is also an allegation of police brutality. As reported yesterday, a resident from Tower Hill in the Orange Walk District is alleging police abuse at the hands of the officer commanding Douglas Village. While we cannot reveal the officers identity as yet, since no charges have been levied, Sergeant Palomo says the officer in question is being investigated.


“Yes we had a complaint against a police officer but we are investigating the case right now and probably before Friday we will wrap up the case and we will know what we will do with the police officer but we saw a medical form that certifies injuries to a complainant as harm so we are investigating the matter.”

And in the case of missing Mexican national Carlos Tapia, police say their searches so far have proved futile. As we reported yesterday, on July 1st, 27 year old Carlos Tapia went hunting in an area known as Pine Ridge which is on Belizean territory near the Mexico/Belize border at approximately 10 kilometers north of Tres Banderas monument. Regino and Noe Garcia, who accompanied Carlos on the hunting trip, reported to police that while they were hunting in the area they heard several gun shots and fearing for their lives fled the area. Luis Tapia, Carlos’ brother told police that upon noticing that his brother had not returned home the following day, he organized a search party and visited the area where Carlos had gone hunting and recovered 2 Aguila brand 20-guage cartridges and a black rechargeable flashlight which he recognized as his brother belongings. Police continue to investigate.

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