edmundLast Friday the Minister of State Edmund Castro withdrew his case against Great Belize Productions and Alvarene Burgess for allegations made against him by Burgess which were aired on Channel 5. These were made and aired in October 2013 and Castro said that these allegations had brought him shame and damage to his reputation. Castro sued both Great Belize Productions and Burgess that same year and on Friday July third, when closing arguments were to be heard, Castro withdrew his suit.

Castro’s attorney, Rodwell Williams, told the media that his client discontinued the suit as he felt he had been vindicated by taking the matter to court and furthermore, he withdrew the case because of his friendship with Alvarene Burgess, which he did not want to end quote, “on a sour note”.

Burgess and her attorney, Anthony Sylvester and attorney for Great Belize Productions, Godfrey Smith, all felt however, that Castro withdrew the suit simply because he had a losing case. So that’s the end of that.

Well, not quite as today the People’s United Party issued a release in which it calls for Castro to resign his position. According to the PUP, by withdrawing his suit, the Minister is in effect admitting quote, “to the statements made by Burgess as true and correct and therefore he is in breach of the Constitution of Belize and violated the Immigration Laws and the criminal laws of Belize,” unquote. The PUP goes on to say that it was expected that he offer an apology and since Castro’s efforts to salvage his reputation that he resign or that the PM dismiss him from Cabinet. The PUP states, quote, “In the interest of decency, the integrity of the high public office he holds and the principles governing Ministerial office in our parliamentary democracy, Minister Castro must resign his office or be fired by the Prime Minister,” unquote. The PUP is calling for Castro to resign forthwith and if he doesn’t that the PM has a duty to the people to ensure he is removed from Cabinet.

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