Screen_Shot_2015-07-09_at_7.56.23_PMYou may have noticed a shortage in eggs over the last 2 weeks at your local grocery store. And if you are lucky enough to find eggs, either the price is too high or you are only allowed to buy a certain amount. Presently, on average, eggs are being sold two for a dollar or 9 dollars for a tray. Belize has two main egg suppliers, Country Food and Caribbean Chicken. This afternoon we spoke via telephone with President of the Belize Poultry Association, Orlando Habet, who told us that he is not aware of any such shortage since he has been out of the country and returned today. Habet said however, shortages are usually caused because of the illegal flow of eggs from Belize over to Guatemala and Mexico where there is an egg crisis. Based on the information provided by both egg suppliers, an estimated 204,000 eggs are distributed to the entire country on weekly bases. It still does not compare to the Mexican demand where the country poultry industry states that Mexico consumes the most eggs in the world per capita. It is estimated that on average, Mexicans consume more than 430 eggs a year, while in Belize, Belizeans eat over 160 eggs per person per year.

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