At the top of the newscast you heard the chairman of the BSCFA Committee of Management Ezekiel Cansino talk about the nine non-compliances the association currently faces. And while the Association has their fair share of corrective measures to put in place to reverse the action of non-compliances, how did the splintered BSCFA do in the delivery of cane over the 2014-2015 Sugar Cane Crop Season? Cansino says overall the Association did well but individually there are farmers unsatisfied since there is a large volume of cane still left in the fields.

cansinoEzekiel Cansino

“We are not happy because we did not finish our cane we still have cane on the fields but everything was good because we have a good TC/TS and that is the most important thing that we did the hard work and we end up with a good quality cane.”

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