chapoIf you follow international news, you will know that Mexico's biggest cartel boss, Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, escaped from his maximum security prison on Saturday. Reports indicate that Guzman slipped through a hole in his shower area into a sophisticated mile-long tunnel with ventilation and lighting. His cartel Sinaloa is well known for building tunnels under the Mexico-US border for transporting cocaine, methamphetamines and marijuana. But it is hard to believe that prison authorities could not detect such an extensive construction project right under their noses.

Since his escape, thirty prison employees have been taken in for questioning. And while his whereabouts is anybody guess at this point, there are several unrelenting Mexican media reports that suggest that Guzman may have crossed the border and may have found safe harbour with alleged allies here in Belize. That is because in 2012, the United States Office of Foreign Assets Control designated three Belizeans under the Kingpin Act as affiliates to the Sinaloa Cartel. To this day, the local businessmen have denied ties to any drug ring. And as it pertains to the reports that Guzman could be in Belize, police in Belize say they are aware of the reports made and will remain on high alert.

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