glenAfter 14 months of being campaign manager for the People’s United Party, yesterday the announcement was made that Attorney Godfrey Smith resigned from that post. Reports indicate that Smith and PUP leader Francis Fonseca reached “a mutual agreement” for him to leave the post of national campaign manager with immediate effect. Neither Smith nor Fonseca would speak on the record to the press. But what we can tell you is that last week at his briefing in the wake of the by-election loss, Fonseca stated that the party would do a proper assessment of its campaign, with everyone including himself at their disposal. At the time, he said, he was satisfied that Smith had tried his best to steer the campaign and support Sabal. Smith had replaced deputy party leader Julius Espat who led the party’s 2012 campaign. And while Smith is now out, the party has not yet named a replacement but it is reported that Smith remains Fonseca’s personal advisor.

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