Screen_Shot_2015-07-16_at_7.54.25_PMThe traffic flow near the roundabout by Bowen and Bowen at mile 52 was disrupted this afternoon at around 1:00 due to a traffic accident. When authorities arrived on the scene, they observed a red Ford pickup truck on the right side of the road and a Tucson Sport SUV on the extreme right of the road with extensive damages. Reports suggest that the driver of the SUV stopped abruptly to turn into Caribbean Tires Depot on the left of the Highway. According to Dave Burgos, driver of the red pickup truck he could not avoid the collision since another vehicle was coming in the opposite direction.



“Freak accident here, we had these folks here from San Salvador seems they wanted to go in to Caribbean Tires so they stopped and eventually after the accident what they were saying is that they wanted to go Caribbean Tires but I want you to really look at the tire marks because the contention here with the police officer is that I am asking them one question am I on the road or am I off the road because the accident happened on the road as you can see it on the tire marks and that is why I took some photos and I am I disagreement in signing the measurements that they have and I told them that no we go to court with it because it certainly it did not happen with the measurements that they are giving.  It was very abrupt because we were all moving from Tower Hill and why I couldn’t avoid the accident we had another vehicle coming on the opposite direction so if I didn’t crash him it was going to be a head collision with the other vehicle because he was stopping on the road, that is the accident, if he would have stopped out of the road I mean you can see my tire marks I am on the road in no way you would have an accident out here today.  I know I have to go and see a doctor right now.”

The three male occupants of the SUV were identified as Salvadorans. They declined to comment but from what we have been able to understand, they were travelling through Belize enroute to Mexico. Both vehicles were totalled.

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