noimageOn Saturday the General Council of the National Trade Union Congress of Belize held its monthly council meeting. During the meeting a number of issues were discussed including the Belize/Guatemala territorial dispute.

In a release issued today the NTUCB expressed its utter dismay and disappointed with the manner in which the Government of Belize has been and continues to address the ongoing, unfounded claim by Guatemala to Belize.

It is the view of the NTUCB that the positions GOB has been taking regarding the recent chronicle of incidences occurring between Belize and Guatemala have been quote “A far cry from the assertive, vehement stance that would clearly and unequivocally demonstrate this nation’s intent to defend its national and sovereign integrity. “ end of quote.

The NTUCB goes on to say that it perceives GOB’s response to be coming from a position of inexcusable weakness; whilst Belize continues to suffer one demeaning blow of disrespect after another. And as for the recent responses by the Minister of Foreign Affairs regarding this territorial dispute, the NTUCB views them as official government positions.

The NTUCB calls for full disclosure on whether it is GOB’s position, to keep speaking on the ICJ referendum, as a done deal.

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