Fiestarama 2015 has wrapped up and while the turnout has not been fully reviewed, Orange Walk Mayor Kevin Bernard says he is pleased with the results so far. The event started on Friday and concluded on Sunday seeing the participation of local music bands and singers, businesses, food vendors and even entertainment for children. It is, after all, an event catering for the entire family. The event saw many visitors once more this year says Mayor Bernard.

kevinKevin Bernard – Mayor Orange Walk Town

“I’m very much pleased but we haven’t compiled all the data as yet we are still putting together the reports and I believe that yes this year Fiesta Rama is another successful Fiesta Rama and I want to thank all those people that were involved, I want to thank my operations manager and his team for preparing the grounds, these guys work very hard, I want to thank our Traffic Officers for ensuring that Traffic Control was there and of course the stall that assisted at the booths and so forth and again thank the businesses that participated and the businesses that sponsored us; Fiesta Rama is always about a community that come together and working for the betterment of our people and as you every year we try to target some of the funds to go back to our summer work program and in fact this morning I understand that huge crowd of students were here already but we are going to wait until after the report is out and then we will decide how much students we can assist because we have also decided that part of it needs to go to fix Guadalupe Street so we are trying to make sure to invest some of the Fiesta Rama monies back on the street and so I think we will do handsomely well again this year so I am very much pleased.”

The funds raised at the event will be financing a summer program of students in this month but will also go towards other infrastructural improvements in town said the Mayor.

Dalila Ical –Reporter CTV3

“You said that one of the people you thanked was the business community what was the participation like this year?”


Kevin Bernard – Mayor Orange Walk Town

“Well we had a few less businesses out there this time if you visited the ground you would have seen that but we had other new ones; we had Belize Estate came this year, we had other business that came Auto Select, we had Madisco which had never participated before so all in all I think that all the different businesses Centaur was out there, RF&G  and we had all the different rum companies, some people had other engagements already so they couldn’t participate but there was still a wide amount of businesses that was there to participated in this years’ Fiesta Rama but we want to make next year and as a community we will sit down and do a post mortem by tomorrow and Wednesday and then we will look how best we could plan for the following year one and we want to make it even better and we see where we want to bring in more artist to the Fiesta Rama so that we could generate more revenue of course but at the end of the day it is  family event so and I want to thank the police they were very much supportive and the officer in charged for assisting us tremendously and I think that is the type of team work that we need with minor issues at the ground so we are very much pleased for that.”

This year, the mayor says they recorded less participation from the business sector, although there were several new businesses making an appearance at the show grounds. The council is now working on a post mortem of the event in efforts to make improvements for 2016. There were minor disturbances at the event and nothing of much concern. Mayor Bernard says he credits that to the cooperation and team work of the Orange Walk Police Formation.

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