Over the weekend, the Corozal Commercial Free Zone saw the conclusion of fashion week 2015. The event was possible with the support of many business outlets and one such company is Turqueza Group limited. Representative Elmer Cornejo elaborated more on the event.

Screen_Shot_2015-08-03_at_8.06.35_PMElmer Cornejo Turqueza Group Limited.

“What we are having today is a one of its kind event, is the first ever event actually of fashion show Verano 2015, that is the name of the event and all together we have twenty two models in our show for these two days, we have four males and the rest are girls.”

Karel Heredia - Reporter

“Who are the sponsors of this event?”

Elmer Cornejo Turqueza Group Limited.

“We have a lot of our sponsor this event and they are people who own shops here in the Free Zone.”

According to Cornejo there has been a decline in sales within the Free Zone and the sole purpose of this activity was to promote the Zone.

Elmer Cornejo Turqueza Group Limited.

“The reason for doing this event is basically because we’ve seeing that slowly but surely the buying of products in the Free Zone has been declining so they are day like to revamp the energy and assess people to wanting to come again to buying in the Free Zone because what happens is that we want that the Mexicans begin to confine in us again and to know that we are here again and to know that we are offering the best of products they can find at affordable prices, I mean we see them go and we want them to comeback, we want to flood the Free Zone again with a lot of shopping from the part of the Mexicans.”

Screen_Shot_2015-08-03_at_8.06.28_PMViewers may recall that last week Friday we spoke to the new Chairman for the Commercial Free Zone Gregory Gibson, who mentioned his plans to put an end to fake, Counterfeit and knock off products.

Elmer Cornejo Turqueza Group Limited.

“It is a well put together event that we’ve seen to success and it’s not going to be possible if it wasn’t because of partnering with the management of the Commercial Free Zone who is really the body who pushed us into doing this from start to end, it was the idea originally from the Turqueza Group Limited who brought up this idea to revamp this energy in the Free Zone again for people to come and shop and then we partnered with the Commercial Free Zone and in collaboration with the other shops.”

The fashion week was a joint activity between the Free Zone administration and Turqueza radio group in the Corozal free zone.

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