missingTonight, a 9 year old boy from Blue Creek Village in the Toledo District remains missing and according to reports authorities believe that he may have drowned. Around 6:00 on Friday evening police received a report that Jason Pau who was swimming and to touring the cave in Blue Creek Village along with a group of missionaries, had gone missing. Initial information revealed that sometime around 3:30p.m volunteers realized that Pau was unaccounted for. They immediately began making checks for him in the water and on land but to no avail. And while that was preliminary information, police say they were later made aware that Jason had jumped in the water, went under and did not resurface. Police, along with BDF Soldiers and community members are presently engaged in an intense search and rescue mission in an attempt to locate Jason but their efforts so far have been fruitless. It is uncertain if any of the volunteers, tour guide or tour operator will be charged for negligence of the missing boy.

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