bankOn Friday we told you about a major heist at the First Caribbean Bank located at the San Cas Plaza by the Belcan Bridge in Belize City that resulted in the robbers escaping with some one hundred thousand dollars from the institution.

Police today have reported that the surveillance footage from within the bank was vital in identifying the perpetrators and leading to them being charged. They are 22 year old Patrick Jones of Gabourel Lane, 33 year old Jermaine Belgrave of Courtenay Crescent, 30 year old Jareth Crawford of Gabourel Lane and 24 year old Emmerson Skyers of Cemetery Road. All four men are from Belize City and were jointly charged for the crime of robbery.

As we told you before the four men targeted the bank around 9:00 on Friday morning. They were dressed like regular customers but dramatically flipped the script when they threw the security guards to the ground, jumped over the counter and helped themselves to as much as a hundred thousand dollars. By the time police responded, they were gone.

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