bushfireA few weeks into Belizean summer and we have seen scorching hot conditions that have been dominating our weather. And while we are seeing an intense dry season, vegetation tends to become dry thus becoming a contributing factor for fires say officials from the Fire Department.


Deputy Officer in Command at the Corozal Fire Department, Kevin Williams, told us today that burning within town limits is prohibited. If you need to burn garbage or any organic material you must first seek advice from the fire department.


Kevin Williams- Second officer in command Corozal Fire Department

“It is prohibited to burn these fires but if you have to we ask that you come to the fire department and then we will direct you how to do the burning. What we normally advice people is that if you need to burn you burn in small patches and you burn away from wooden structure mostly. The person also needs to form a firewall around your building that is like a five feet clear path so that if the fire would happen in the bushes it would stop there before it reaches your home. In the community we look on the wind direction mostly because we do not want to burn and have all that smoke go to your neighbors so you look at the wind direction and always have means of water should in case it gets out of hand.”

Along with the mentioned tips, Williams also revealed key factors that one can implement to be protected from the intense heat.


Kevin Williams- Second officer in command Corozal Fire Department


“The best thing you can do is to keep hydrated drink a lot of water, stay out of the sun and if you are under the sun try to keep your body cool by using an umbrella or a hat and remember the more water you get in the system the better.”


With only his second day on the job, Williams says he plans on working closely with the Commanding Officer of the Corozal District Fire Department.

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