And while tourism is all the talk these last days on the news, the People’s United Party has joined in the promotion of it. In the launch of its national tour in San Ignacio on Sunday, PUP leader Francis Fonseca pledged the community a fully equipped hospital along with the promise of helping to boost tourism.


Superbond-2Francis Fonseca– PUP Party Leader

“Tourism is another important industry here in the west and it is an important industry for the country of Belize and we are absolutely committed to making sure that we set up a health fund, an education fund but we also want to setup a small business fund that will allow people who want to invest in small tourism operations for example to access low interest financing that will allow more Belizeans to get involved in the Tourism Industry at many levels. So we have a full policy that we will be sharing with the Belizean people on Tourism and these are thighs that we will be presenting to the Belizean people before the next General Elections.”


But while the PUP presented its plan and vision for the development of Belize and the future of the party, the issue on the party’s internal turmoil was brought up. As he has done repeatedly on the media, Fonseca once more assured the people that the PUP is working to resolve all its problems.


Francis Fonseca – PUP Party Leader


the members and supporters of the People's United Party are tired of games. They want us to stand together, to fight together, to work together for the good of this country. So I want to assure everyone here today and our supporters across the country that we are going to resolved all of these problems and challenges. We have reached out to everyone, we want everyone to be involved in the work of the party. We invited everyone to be here today. This week we are going to have another meeting with all 31 standard bearers and coming out of that meeting, we will see a strong united People's United Party. That is the only way for us to move forward. So, I know your concerns, but I don't want you worry, or I don't want anybody worry about who are not here - you worry about who are here. That is important."


The party chair, Henry Usher, has written the twelve members who had written him last week in which demands were made. In an interview with Cayo Central Standard Bearer Dan Silva, he told the media that they will review the letter this week and make a decision as to their next move.

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