Screen_Shot_2015-08-06_at_6.29.39_PMYesterday Corozal experienced a bad weather, some people are calling it a storm which even caused a power outage. But while most of us were safe in the confines of our home, one man and his parents living in the Village of Calcutta were not that fortunate. The home of Cesario Mossiah Junior was partially destroyed last night during the storm. It is rather an unfortunate incident caused by Mother Nature as Mossiah shared the home with his elderly parents. Today when we spoke to Mossiah he told us he was inside when he heard a loud bang.

Cesario Mossiah Junior

“Well, I didn’t see it I was with the neighborhood when I heard the noise and the neighborhood said your house fall down and I said I know it is that because it is over there that I heard the noise and when I come out I see that it dropped already and I say I wonder if my mother is in there and I run into the house and my mother in her wheelchair where she usually sit down and then I smell the butane and so I told my mother lets go out here because this thing could catch fire and so I took my mother and I brought her down and so my father he is old and he don’t know what happened so he stayed out in shock and then I told my father better left everything like how it is make now worries left everything like how it is because I done know what happened here already but thank God that worst could have happened but only my mother safe and my father safe and now the house broke down.”

Today Mossiah’s family asked for the public’s assistance in order for him to rebuild his home.

Virginia Garcia family Member

“I became aware because the neighbors over there shouted the day is inside and take her out and then two men ran inside, Pancho and Patricko and they took out the lady outside and all what I am asking now is for the people to support them if they could and I would thank them very much that they do it.”

Anyone wishing to assist Mossiah can find him the in the Village of Calcutta.

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