noimgeOne man has been quarantined at the Kolbe Foundation for Tuberculosis. Well, he has been partially diagnosed for the illness according to officials who spoke to the media today. Officials say that the male prisoner had presented symptoms and samples were sent for testing. The results of that was received on July 24th which came back positive but there are more tests that need to get done before the patient is fully diagnosed with TB.  In following with protocol, the information has been sent to Belmopan where instructions were given to have the patient quarantined and given treatment. As part of the procedure, the prison officials have conducted a health education with persons who shared the same cell with the patient. Screenings were also conducted with them as well as persons who have come into contact with the patient. Officials say that all persons have been screened and are now awaiting the results of the tests for these individuals. Doctors of the prison say that TB is curable now with proper treatment. Prison officials have confirmed that in February this year seven persons were diagnosed with TB one of who passed in March. The prison’s medical staff suggests however that the individual did not die as a result of the illness but of a cardio respiratory arrest. All other patients have been cleared with treatment.

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