Screen_Shot_2015-08-11_at_7.53.19_PMSugar smuggled into Mexico is reportedly causing a great loss for the local sugar producers in the southern part of that country. The Mexican press reported today that only some five percent of the local production can be commercialized due to illegal entry of Belizean sugar into the country. Officials are saying that it is difficult to quantify the amount of sugar entering Mexico from Belize since there is little to limited vigilance at the borders. In a report aired by Notivision in Chetumal Quintana Roo, officials complain about the situation. Here is that report.

Officials say that the factory buys bulks of sugar at 420 pesos or approximately 58 dollars. This is then sold on the local market for just over 500 pesos or about 69 dollars which gives the producer a profit of about eleven dollars. The sugar smuggled in from Belize on the other hand is being sold for way less that 400 pesos or about 55 dollars. Officials add that given the facts, it is difficult to match these costs, especially since families in southern Mexico depend on it.

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