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The 24th of August 2015 will mark the end of the summer holiday for high school students. For some parents, especially those living in the rural areas, this means that they are once again faced with cost of food and transportation. In the Corozal District for instance traveling is a must for many students and at the end of the week commuting proves to be quite expensive.

Today though, there is some good news for student’s attending three highs schools in the Corozal District and it comes in the form of free bus rides to and from school.

Screen_Shot_2015-08-12_at_8.16.03_PMJahmore Lopez- Corozal District Education Centre Manager

“Since taking over the reins here in Corozal at the district education center I observed that a number of our secondary school students have been paying public transportation to get to school and so for some time I’ve been looking in to the possibility and presented a proposal and so I want for the benefit of all of our stakeholder, our Corozal community that we will now be providing a transportation free of cost, free in the sense that the student will  not be paying but it is accost to taxpayer and so we want to encourage our children to capitalize on this and it is going to help parents and student they no longer have to compete with the general public in terms of finding transportation the busses will have specific routes passing certain areas so it will take them to school and then bring them from school back to their respective designated area.  We saw the need for this to help parents and students and they have no longer worry for paying for transportation so whatever monies parents and guardians use to give their children those monies can now be utilized for food, can be utilize for stationery material and we are looking at it as the ministry doing it part in terms of improving access, is one thing that there is one space for you at the high school but how do you get there and so we are facilitating that process, most of the runs will start at six to six thirty in the morning and they should be at school by seven fifteen there about.”

The free runs are scheduled to commence on the 24th of August but the designated pick up points are yet to be established. What we do know though, is that the free runs will be specifically for students who will need to abide by certain rules and regulations.

Jahmore lopez- Corozal District Education Centre Manager

“There is a catch to it like with everything, there are certain rules that we have in place, we encourage students to be very courteous, very mannerly the same rules that you would have complied with if you were in a public transportation they cannot be putting their heads through the window or their hands, we don’t want you to vandalize the bus it is actually for them and they are the guardian for this valuable resource and they have to understand that the drivers word is final that if when you are in a boat the captain’s word is final so if the drivers says to you sit and there is a rule that you must be seated at all times when the bus is in motion, a student can actually lose his/her privilege to ride that bus so if I get a report I will call you in and I will tell you listen you cannot behave that way you can lose that privilege and I will discuss it with your principal and he can actually suspend you or ban you for the duration of whatever period and that have happened in the past in other districts where I have served so we want to encourage our children to make good use of it, this is for them and I am very much excited and now they have their designated drive and so I am excited about that and I am certain that our principals as well and so we want to be able to see how we can get all of our communities to rally to support and for us to make the best of it so that we can get this school year started.”


The schedule and pick up points will be released before the first day of school. Parents are reminded that the runs will be covering the villages of Chan Chen, Patchakan, Xaibe, San Pedro, Cristo Rey, Caledonia and all the villages along the Philip Goldson Highway. The runs will have as a destination Corozal Community College, Cornerstone Presbyterian High and Escuela Secundaria Tecnica Mexico.

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