Last week we told you about an abandoned helicopter found near the Belize-Mexico border near Blue Creek IN THE Orange Walk District. As we reported, the perfectly working grey BELL-407 Helicopter with tinted windows, bearing the registration numbers N607AZ has since found residence at the BDF Headquarters in Ladyville. According to National Security Minister, John Saldivar, a time frame is given for the owner to either claim it or come forward…. According to Saldivar, after that period elapses, the chopper will remain an asset for the Belize Defense Force.

Screen_Shot_2015-08-12_at_8.15.41_PMHonorable John Saldivar– Minister, National Security

“The case is still under investigation and we don’t have any leads at this time and the helicopter as far as we are concern was abandoned by whoever left it there and therefore there is a time for them to claim or to come forward and then after that it is considered as abandoned property and it will become the property of the government of Belize and an asset of the Belize Defense Force.”


“Will we be able to operationalize it, to use it?”

Honorable John Saldivar– Minister, National Security

“I am sure you know by now that it was moved from Blue Creek to the BDF camp and it was flown by BDF pilots so we know that although they haven’t had training in that particular asset that they are training in helicopter in flying allowed them to move the helicopter to the BDF Camp so with some more training I am sure they will be experts at flying it.”



“Now certainly you don’t want Norco’s flying around the country but is this in a way serendipitous windfall that they abandoned a helicopter like that cost at least US1.5 million if not more?”

Honorable John Saldivar– Minister, National Security

“As I said we don’t have any leads at this time to what would have cause the helicopter to be landed there so we can’t assume we can just be happy that they did and that none has come forward and that the appropriate time it will be declared abandoned and it will become the property of the BDF.”           

The chopper, currently in the hands of the BDF, is estimated to be valued at 2million US dollars.

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