Screen_Shot_2015-08-13_at_8.08.36_PMThe report for the 2015 Fiestarama is out and Orange Walk Mayor Kevin Bernard says that while profits were not as big as in 2014, the council plans to invest the money in school children and infrastructure. In an interview with him today, he gave us the numbers and expanded on the projects to be financed with the winnings

Kevin Bernard – O/W Mayor

“Even through the profits was far less than last year’s profit we are still happy that we were able to report that this year’s Fiesta Rama’s Profit is a little under eighteen thousand that is still a significant amount of money. What do we do with that money now, if you noticed we have started our student program and we had said that we are going to do two things with the monies, (1) we are going to invest some of that monies by putting some infrastructure work, we have to purchase tar, we have to purchase materials and these monies are never enough and so this year what we did we are assisting a hundred students that will automatically account for ten thousand dollars of this money, however, we were able to offset a fee of that money a ten thousand dollars because the government of Belize through the ministry of education has called me and informed me that they will assist us with five thousand so what we deiced to do instead is that the remaining portion from the Fiesta Rama will go towards infrastructure works so we will purchase more tar and we will purchase more road material because we need to try and fix Guadalupe Street, we need to try and fix Cinderella Street so those are the plans that we have in terms of  our Fiesta Rama funds.”

Mayor Bernards adds that the council will be meeting soon to conduct a post mortem on the fair in an effort to make it bigger and better for 2016.

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