Screen_Shot_2015-08-13_at_8.08.26_PMAs mentioned by Orange Walk Town Mayor Kevin Bernard, a portion of the funds from Fiestarama is being used to fund a summer job program at the Council. This year, the Council is hiring one hundred students who will be working at different areas within the community.

Kevin Bernard – O/W Mayor

“It has been very successful because we have the students benefitting (1) they benefitting from a hundred dollars doing half day work for the five days and it helps showing some community work because the students are out there cleaning, white washing the parks and right now we have them cleaning the entire highway with the newly built road there is a lot of dust accommodation at the edges of the road so we have tem cleaning up those and it giving some sense of pride and I think what this does for them is that am earning something for my education and give them some sense of a little independence as young kids and so I am happy that we were able to do that this year again.”

The Council received many applications but has chosen to assist those who have shown to need the help the most. This however, is not the only help being offered by the Council this year as there is another initiative that will seek to render assistance to those who were unable to make the cut for this year’s summer program.

Kevin Bernard – O/W Mayor

“For those families who may have not been able to get the assistance there are other means in which we can assist some families we have some school bags that we just received that will be also be assisting some needy children bear in mind that some people come for summer program when the families are fully working and it is unfair for you to give somebody whose parents are working and be able to provide for them and then leave out somebody where there is a single mother or a struggling parent that cannot afford even to buy even the books for the children so that is why we try to help these kids and we are hoping that the people can understand that.”

As had been mentioned, the government has committed to assist the Council with money for the summer program and according to Mayor Bernard, they have received a call from the Minister of Education himself.

Kevin Bernard – O/W Mayor

“I was happy when the minister of education personally called me and told me that every year they have been assisting the municipalities and we have not been getting the support ad so this year he felt that we deserve the support and I told him that we welcome the support because a the end of the day it is the children that will benefit and we want to thank him on behalf of the Town Council for giving that five thousand dollars contribution we haven’t receive the monies yet but we have already the students out there and so at the end of the day we know we will get the money to cover for that expense.”

Students between the age of twelve and sixteen have been employed by the Council for the summer job program. Another fifty students are expected to start their week’s work next week.

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