officeBy the end of today there hasn’t been any response to the correspondence of the Belize Territorial Volunteers on their request for BDF and or Coast Guard escorts for the August 16th trip to the Sarstoon Island. However, Chief Executive Officer in the Office of the Prime Minister has indicated that the Guatemalans have been informed about the BTV’s trip to the island but Belize is still to receive a response on the matter.

Audrey Wallace

“What I can say is that the information has been told to the Guatemalans but we have not heard back from them officially but that message has been related to the Guatemalans from our side but I have not receive an update or a response from them that I do know message has been sent  but what I can tell you just on some of the things that has happened since yesterday that the new Ambassador to the OAS, he met with the OAS secretary general and his advisors in Washington once again seeking the support and assistance on this issue to avoid any incident from the Guatemalans side we also know that the Director of the Peace Fund and Ambassador Raul Lagos who is a special advisor to the OAS secretary general on this Belize/Guatemala issue they will be traveling to Belize on Saturday and again the objective is to ensure that peace would be out when the Volunteers visit the Sarstoon this coming Sunday.”

When we spoke with members of the Northern Territorial Volunteers today, they said that they have not received any response to their request from government departments.

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