policeThieves broke into the home of the late Leonel Guerra while his family was away. According to family members, Guerra’s wife was staying at another family member and while out, the perpetrators broke in. They report that on Wednesday night family members visited the residence to feed the dogs and at that time all was in order. By Thursday morning however, sometime between ten thirty and elven in the night, they went back to the house and discovered that it had been ransacked and several items stolen.


Among these are one forty eight inch flat screen television, a radio system, DVD players, one Digicell cellular phone, one wheel barrow, at least three bottles of liquor and assorted jewelry. The burglars even broke one of the children’s piggy bank. It appears the men first jumped over the razor wires on the fence and made their way into the house through a small window in the kitchen. The rest of the windows are secured with burglar bars. Upon making further checks, the family found the burglars’ escape route. 


They cut a hole in the chain linked fence that is located immediately next to an overgrown lot. There is where they took all the stolen items out. The family has made an official report to police who suspect two persons. The family said that they will be offering a reward to anyone who can provide them with information that leads to the arrest of the burglars.  Anyone with information can contact the family at 677-3247 or the Orange Walk Police.

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