The Pickstock constituency is one of the smallest areas in Belize City. At the last election the P.U.P. stronghold went red in the tidal wave that swept across the country. But Doctor Francis Smith hopes to change that and return the division to the blue corner. Over the weekend, the P.U.P Standard Bearer gave the media a fifty minute interview where he spoke on several issues of national importance including the party’s strategies and vision for the upcoming General Elections. Smith says the only way the PUP can gain legitimacy is to propose a reform movement to the people with their intention to serve the people.

fracisDR. FRANCIS SMITH – P.U.P Standard Bearer, Pickstock

“We need to demonstrate to the people that we can practice these things while in government so there are concerns, we have to face our concerns of our constituents, our people how do we engage persons, how do we do best practices that are enshrined with the People’s United Party.  We think that through empowerment of people so called Power to the People means that in this wonderful wide world of public opinion, how you know that you’re thinking is true or false well that verdict when it comes to politics is handed out on the day of elections that is when the verdict is handed down after the voted is counted and either you voted in or voted out , likewise in opposition enshrined in our constitution there are rules and regulations so there are rules in regards, conventions are held every two years and we feel that the only way we can gain legitimacy is to go to the people in convention and that is the thinking of our group and we think that the people have to feel comfortable with these things and they have to be assured and as we go house to house PUP supporters have these concerns and the undecided voters have these concerns they want to be assured that the principals who are in charge of governance and economics in the PUP namely the Honorable Said Musa and Mr. Ralph Fonseca people need to be assured that since they voted out in 2008 the charges of corruption and that was conclusive there was no doubt that we were ejected, we were fired, people are of opinion that this government is now repeating the same thing there is unguided blatant corruption and that it will continue because they have a feeling they want us to assure them that if they vote out the current UDP they will not be voting back the same PUP and that the same managers in charge of the irregularity’s then wouldn’t be in the saddle now the only way we can sort  this out is if jejunely we put this to the people, so that is what this group is all about if our true intention is to serve the people to do the biding of the people and to put in place the government of, by and for the people we have to show that we are not fearful and we have to demonstrate that this people’s united party indeed is a new kind of party that accepts diversity of thought we are competing in the market place of ideas people want to hear ideas, issues, our responsibility is to present alternative polices to show why we will run this country better than the UDP.”

In Punta Gorda over the weekend, the PUP held their second wave of the “Power to the People” tour but what was most notable was the absence of the divided 11 from within the PUP, including Dr. Smith. When asked why he did not participate in that exercise, Smith said if in the event the incumbent Government calls an early election, his ultimate goal is to trump Sedi Elrington from that seat…. But how does he plan on doing that? Smith says simply by Genuine Consultation which he claims to be doing instead of calling rallies for “show”.

DR. FRANCIS SMITH – P.U.P Standard Bearer, Pickstock

“We are insisting that there must be diversity of thought and there must be respect for opinion, there must be free speech because that is what we are selling to our population so in that context I have been saying for me in Pickstock if the government calls a snap election in my view since I am the official PUP standard bearer for Pickstock is that I am not here to be a show pony in  a circus this is not a show my business is to make sure I bring in Pickstock and I beat Sedi Elrinton and in July and August my business is to be on the ground house to houss looking for new registrations and doing transfers we are cash trap and I am not getting any monies from Ashcroft I am not getting any money at all I am getting money from my business from Medical Associates so I am free, and I am a standard bearer for the People’s united Party and my leader is Francis Fonseca but I am a free thinker and my view is that I cannot be in PG at this time because my concept is our party leader will be there and he will be there with his deputies, you will have the principals Oscar Reuqena and Mike Espat and the whole concept is to have consultation so what is most important is that the people in Punta Gorda goes out engage with their party leader given them their concerns and open frankly which is what we are trying to encourage if the people in PG feel that the now party leader we have a doubt can you assure us that although your name is Fonseca that Ralph Fonseca wouldn’t be backing the saddle when you win that is what we expect the people in PG to come out without fear and speak that is what is called genuine consultation.”

We’ll have more from this hour long interview in tomorrow’s newscast.

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