pupAnd sticking to the topic of the trip to the Sarstoon Island, today the People's United Party weighed in on the issue as it expressed its solidarity with and pride in those 200 Belizeans who travelled to Barranco and to the southernmost boundary of Belize.

According to the P.U.P, these Belizeans quote “Demonstrated in a clear and unambiguous manner that we have every right to travel to any part of Belizean sovereign territory and that the independent spirit of Belizeans is alive and assertively proud, even in the face of foreign aggression. Those Belizeans who travelled to the Sarstoon demonstrated, by their peaceful presence, the ineffectiveness of the current administration in asserting our national rights and upholding our sovereign dignity.” End quote.

The P.U.P further states in the release that the trip was a political statement—that Belize, all of Belize, from Rio Hondo to Sarstoon, from our Cayes and Atolls to our Western border, is ours to protect and defend, and that this is not a task for only the military and diplomats.

The ruling UDP administration via their ministers, the BDF and the National Security Council tried to scold, shame, intimidate, frighten, and prevent Belizeans from making this trip, to no avail. They tried to stop boat captains from taking their vessels and threatening not to renew licenses, says the release.

The P.U.P states that GOB spoke out against the presence of women, children and the territorial volunteers and everyone else in attendance before eventually abandoning them to their fate. Then after the fact, they issued a self-serving press release to cover their naked and cynical act of abandonment. CTV3 News understands that the PUP will be holding a Press Conference tomorrow morning at 10:30 a.m. at the Independence Hall to expand on this and other issues of national concern

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