Screen_Shot_2015-08-17_at_12.09.37_PMWhile the trip to Sarstoon headed by the Belize Territorial Volunteer, now forms part of Belize’s history, there is no doubt that it is an issue that will be widely discussed both here in Belize and in Guatemala. And of course, as expected, when it comes to the Guatemala they will have their own version of the happenings that took place during the trip especially when the group arrived close to the Sarstoon Island. While the group is stating that their pathway to the island was blocked by Guatemalan armed forces, a report emitted today by Canal Antigua of Guatemala is saying otherwise. In fact, that part of the story relayed by the group and clearly shown in the various footage captured by Belizean media houses, was not even mentioned in the report. What was stated though, is that Belizeans are misinformed and misguided and that the Sarstoon River historically belongs to Guatemala. This statement was made by the Vice Admiral of the Guatemalan Marine, Carlos Thomas who further me mentioned that the group pretended to take possession of a property belonging to Guatemala. Here is that report.

So was the Vice Admiral out of context? We’ll see if the National Security Committee, the Ministry of National Security or the Government of Belize will respond the Vice Admiral statement anytime soon.  

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