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    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:33
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    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:47
  • Belize Exports Soybean Oil To Jamaica

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Yesterday we told you about the P.U.P G-11’s proposals for reforming and strengthening the democracy within the People’s United Party.  As previously reported 11 standard bearers have not yet returned to the fold and are now locked in negotiation with the PUP’s sub-committee of two, appointed by party leader Francis Fonseca.

The sub-committee which is made up of standard bearer for Caribbean Shores, Kareem Musa, and, Area representative for the Cayo South, Hon. Julius Espat, met with two members of the eleven including Dr. Francis Smith, standard bearer for Pickstock constituency, and Paul Thompson, standard bearer for the Albert constituency. In a lengthy press meeting on Sunday, Smith told reporters about the intentions of the group and their resolve to change the way P.U.P carries out its business. Smith stressed that the group is not fighting to take over the leadership of the party, but is only pushing for “quality assurance to make the party better.”

PUP-21DR.  FRANCIS SMITH – PUP Standard Bearer, Pickstock

“Now if you look at the track record we have had bi-elections we have all of our excuses for it but we still have to take it into account why is it that we cannot bring out such a wide sector of our society where people are totally scenically and skeptical they do not want to come out to  vote this is a challenge for both the UDP and the PUP, that is what we are trying to address we have to go back and say listen, this thing and our position is not edged in stone we are not saying that in our opinion that we have changed we believe that we should go back.”


“You all endorsed on March on democratic principle so I am saying this is a wholesale endorsement in March, you all were wrong to have done that?”

DR.  FRANCIS SMITH – PUP Standard Bearer, Pickstock

“We were wrong and that is exactly what we are facing and we should not be afraid to admit flaws and errors that is how we improve ad get better, that is how every day, if I do an operation and it doesn’t come out well you can be assured that with my next operation I will not commit that same mistake evolution is the way you improve, the way you don’t improve is when you do not admit your mistakes and to continue the error of your ways that is the way you go down.”


“So it could be an error to continue without a challenge…?”

DR.  FRANCIS SMITH – PUP Standard Bearer, Pickstock

“That is my view but I want to say that very carefully, our position is not edged in stone if the majority within the party is of the view that we won’t do it then that doesn’t mean that we will mash up the party and break it up, we are there to make it work better and we have an opinion and we will engage other people and try our best to make the People’s United Party the most formidable political machinery this country has ever seen because we are of the view that the potential is there for that.”


And while Smith and the others are on this movement to strengthen the party, he stressed that the group is not aimed at undermining the leadership of the PUP, but is going through a process that is normal.

DR.  FRANCIS SMITH – PUP Standard Bearer, Pickstock

“I believe Honorable Francis Fonseca is a noble, good man he do not believe he is a Ralph Fonseca but what we are trying to ensure is that the leadership as it exist meets the high expectations of our voters so it’s a process we want to come with terms to that and we are getting some suggestions so I can assure you it is been considered but it is a process and you don’t negotiate in one day, you negotiate and hen both parties go back in that case you saw I represented the movement within the People’s United Party of which John Briceno and Cordel Hyde are members and Honorable Julius Espat and Mr. Kareem Musa represented the party leader and the other twenty standard bearers it is fluid you may say G13, G11, G12 the matter is that there are those of us within the party that believe that we have challenges and we need to face it.”


“To be specific was anything agreed upon of any of your request demands, proposals were any of those agreed upon?”


DR.  FRANCIS SMITH – PUP Standard Bearer, Pickstock

“Yes, our ideas were entertained so we find that it is a very good first step because it is the mark of an educated frame of mind although you might not accept opinions at least entertain so that is what we are about we are negotiating and we are discussing we are trying to improve the party, we are trying to strengthened the leadership it is a long going fluid process.”               

Smith said that the PUP has a constitution which calls for a national convention every two years in November, and the only way they can gain that legitimacy as a party is to go to the electorate.

DR.  FRANCIS SMITH – PUP Standard Bearer, Pickstock

“We are suggesting that the only way we know of in business is called best practices there are certain best practices in the argon of business and administration and these things are enshrined in People’s United Party constitution, the only way that you can get the stamp of approval of you people, the only way that you can gain legitimacy is to go to an open fair election and that is a suggestion and that is what we are about.”


“What has caused the scales to be lifted from before you arise as opposed to March when you all the same ten endorsed an endorsement convention for the leader, what has caused the scale is it because the PUP continues to loose elections or because the PUP is limited to attract funding and is broke?”

DR.  FRANCIS SMITH – PUP Standard Bearer, Pickstock

“Well, its principally is as we visit house to house we listen to the voice of our constituents, people and the people have these concerns, obviously people may not be able to articulate in the way in which I am doing it but that is why we are leaders we have to do the biding of the ordinary person on the street and I have said this over and over there are concerns we believe that the best way we are not saying that it will happen we are not saying that we will mash up the party if it doesn’t we are bone fide members of the PUP genuine but we are of the view and we believe that we are in a party that is not run by a Sad am Hussein or Fidel Castro or anything of the sort we run a participatory democracy we are her to promote internal democratic principles and governance and we are saying the best way to do that is to take it to the people to an open fair election.”              

And while Smith stressed about the many new comers to the party and that their caliber in leadership is different, one issue that has haunted the party is the presence of Said Musa, given his political track record. Reporters were obliged to ask how Musa’a unwavering participating in the Party will hamper their progress….

DR.  FRANCIS SMITH – PUP Standard Bearer, Pickstock

“We cannot no longer subscribe to blind party loyalty and die hard support , the only way this country will emerge the only way it will attain universal values like in Canada and somewhere people are free thinkers is to educate our population and to have them fearless to have them have zero tolerance to irregularities to let us pas anti-corruption laws that jail us if we do wrong, I personally believe that we should only have two terms in government because if we cannot achieve in one or two terms then get out just like in America no matter how great Obama is he only has two terms and I believe that principle should be insisted out here how do we achieve that the people have to deal with it they have to vote us out if we are not doing it correctly that is what we are about I am fearless because I do not med a ministry to hustle, I do not need a government institution and people like right now in PG people should say clearly what is on their minds without fear.”

The two groups are scheduled to meet again in the near future to continue the dialogue that began last week Friday.

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