Every two years, a new president is elected to oversee the functions of the Public Service Union and this year, the reigns have been given to Orange Walk’s very own Eldrid Neal. Neal takes over the Unions reigns and replaces Marvin Blade. Today we spoke to Neal via telephone to find out what his plans for the union are.

nealELDRID NEAL – President, Public Service Union

“We want to hype officers and train in terms of the service they provide, we want to ensure ta they are compensated properly, we want to ensure that there is scope within the Public Service our continual growth in terms of how officers are transitions and of course to continue to be the support net and public service that they provide and how they look at public servants.”

Maria Novelo – Reporter

“Heading into a new term, two year term now is there any plans of the status scope will remain the same there at the Union?”

ELDRID NEAL – President, Public Service Union

“The Union have been operating on a four year strategy plan since 2012 so we have roughly about one year of less in it and already looked at what they have accomplished since 2012 and there is one year less on this strategic plan, I intent to focus more on what have not been achieved but at the same time over at least the first year I intent to market the Union and ensure that we have the strengthened drive to recruit new members and yes the negotiations will continue with the government more so we want all of the coffers to become active in terms of the Union movement and every district across the country as we grow the membership and to have them recognized and we need to be a larger organization of officers outside of the job from which they serve it is revived Union and we intent to garner more support from the younger out there, we recognize the efforts of the women so we want to revive the arm of the Union and of course by far a better Public Service Sector for the entire Belize.”            

Neal ended by challenging the public officers to continue to grow individually and collectively as a union. Newly elected officers include President Eldred Neal, Second vice-president Kenneth Mortis, Secretary General Nuri Castaneda, and councilors Tracey Gillett and Fayne Nicasio.

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