Screen_Shot_2015-08-19_at_8.02.51_PMOn August 4th our reporter Dalila Ical was in San Pedro and reported on the smelly Sargassum accumulation along the San Pedro beach line. In an interview with Director of Tourism, Karen Bevans, it was mentioned that the BTB has been working with stakeholders to provide necessary equipment/tools to clean the sargassum in San Pedro Island. Weeks have passed and the problem persists and there is still no sign of the equipment or of any of the assistance Bevans mentioned will be provided.

The lack of assistance prompted the creation of the Build a Beach Campaign group formed by concerned citizens of La Isla Bonita. The group’s aim, under the leadership of Dimas James Guerrero, is to instil civic pride. Guerro told our reporter Karel Heredia how they will accomplish their aim.

Dimas James Guerrero Founder of Build a Beach Campaign

“Well we are the people that started along me and my wife and the reason why we started  is that is has become a real problem is a bad smell and a bad site and everything and nobody is not doing anything about it and we work with the tourism sector because we own a restaurant and it is affecting us and the entire island and nobody is not doing anything about it so my wife actually challenge me to just pick up like a day off on Sunday and start weeding it and that is how it all started but the thing is that it is not just a cleanup but we are actually rebuilding the beach, the area that we started it, we are still there are the moment because we are about maybe 60% complete and we still have a bout at least a month left there, what we are doing is that we take the sea grass out of the water we dry it and then the following week we dig holes and we burry the and that stop the beach from eroding and we clan the beach little by little it is a full process but it works.”

Despite of the small group, the sargassum clean-up can be deemed a huge success since it has attracted the attention of the San Pedro Town Council and even Oceana.

Dimas James Guerrero Founder of Build a Beach Campaign

“We get contacted by a lot of people, our group is small and the members of the group is Loraine Reed, Mr. Elito Arceo who has been amazing with the help that he provides us every Sunday, Amber Edwards, Dorian Nunez from Ambergris Today he is the one who actually build a beach Captain bigger with the power of the media to other people and it been coming along so it is building, Oceana has contacted us as well they are helping us too so it is going and we are not stopping.”

But what about the assistance that the BTB promised? According to Guerrero he has been informed that funds are yet to be allocated as she is still lobbying with stakeholders.

Dimas James Guerrero Founder of Build a Beach Campaign

“She said that funds has been allocated already and that she has been working with stakeholders and that she is buying the tools or the proper machines needed for the project and none of that is true, the only people that has been doing anything about the sea grass are the hotels which is their responsibility I guess because it is right in front of them besides that nobody else has been really and truly been doing anything, this coming Sunday will be our eight week and I guess the town council has taken the idea of how much and that is what we want to tell people the idea of what we are doing so they could follow it as well and the deputy Mayor has taken the idea and he has come along with it as well.”


Guerrero says that is the issue of the sargassum is not addressed promptly it can have a negative impact on the tourism industry.

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