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  • Police Look For Three Persons Of Interest In Murder Case Of Yanira Novelo

    Thursday, 11 July 2019 02:46
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    Friday, 12 July 2019 02:17

Months after requesting an audience with the Prime Minister, today the Northern Territorial Volunteers were successful and met with the PM to discuss the groups concerns and objectives. President of the NTV, Giovanni De La Fuente spoke to the media after his briefing with the PM today in Belize City. De la Fuente says the PM has agreed and recognized that more education is needed about Belize’s border points.

Screen_Shot_2015-08-20_at_8.27.07_PMGIOVANNI DE LA FUENTE – President, NTV

“Basically what occurred was that we came here and we met with the Prime Minister and we briefed him on the goals and objective of the NTV and as you well know the goals and objectives of the NTV briefly outlining it relates to educating the Belizean people about their border markers more specifically the Western Border marker between Guatemala and Belize so the Prime Minister has been enlightened and briefed about the goals and objectives of the NTV and we discussed the area of education and we both agreed that more needs to be done in the country of Belize to educate especially the primary schools, high schools and all students in Belize and more needs to be done by the education department to educate the Belizean people about the history of Belize and the border markers of Belize so that Belizeans can become more knowledgeable and more patriotic so we both agreed that more needs to be done and our group has been educating Belizeans over the past three years taking Belizeans to their border markers and the Prime Minister has indicated that he recognizes the need and the ministry of education will be encouraged to do more.”           

Viewers may recall that in Tuesday’s Press Conference, Brigadier General David Jones uttered that the Guatemalan aggression towards Belize’s military has seen an increase since the Belize Territorial Volunteers and the Northern Territorial Volunteers very first visit to the Sarstoon. And while Jones asserted that the volunteers are putting the soldiers at risk, De La Fuente commented that everyone is at risk, not only the military.


“There comes a time in your country when the military is called upon to do its duty that they have sworn to do and when that time comes the military has to stand up but you cannot take away from the fact that in most countries that have gone through trial and tribulations, the ordinary citizens have also, the government has also needs to take into effect that the ordinary people can also be counted on and we made him quite cognizant of the fact that the NTV as well as other organizations in Belize have shown that they are ready and more than willing to stand for Belize.”      

And while the NTV’s function is primarily to educate, De la Fuente says the group’s scope is limited at what they can do. De la Fuente says one of the biggest realizations in today’s meeting was the Prime Ministers commitment to bring up to the National Security Council more assistance for the group in two areas.


“These two markers that the Prime Minister is speaking about is the Tres Banderas Border Marker and the Garbut Falls Border Markers when the Prime Minister has stated that at the nest meeting of the National Security Council he will bring it up to them and asking for a vote and if it is a positive vote the details will be worked out and at that point and in the future whenever there is another field trip planned for these areas and if this group requests their assistance which we always do they would be more active than they have been in the past.”

Another excursion is being planned for the coming weeks. This time, volunteers are planning an expedition to Garbutt Falls Border Monument in the Benque Viejo Area.

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