Former_Vice_President_Guatemala_PicEx-Vice President of Guatemala Roxana Baldetti was detained this morning by Guatemalan Authorities in connection with a customs corruption scandal that led to her resignation on May 8th 2015. The Ex-Vice President was informed of her detention at a hospital where she was seeking treatment for health problems since Sunday.

Reports are that prosecutors have also announced that they are seeking to investigate President Otto Perez Molina in the matter and are seeking to have Perez Molina's immunity of office withdrawn so they can investigate his possible involvement.

According to reports from the International press, Perez Molina also has denied involvement, and a recent bid to lift his immunity died in Congress last week.

While Baldetti has denied any involvement in the scandal at the customs agency, which involved kickbacks paid by businesspeople to avoid import duties, Prosecutors believe they have enough evidence to presume that she is a suspect of illicit association, fraud and graft and took part in a scheme that is believed to have defrauded the state of millions of dollars.

A criminal ring known as "La Linea," or "The Line," was allegedly led by Baldetti's aide, Juan Carlos Monzon Rojas, who is currently a fugitive. Authorities presented a chart diagramming the structure's alleged organization that showed Monzon as the mastermind.

Apart from Baldetti, the investigation spearheaded by prosecutors and a U.N. commission probing criminal networks in Guatemala has led to the arrests of government officials and private citizens.

The U.N. commission has presented wiretap conversations related to the investigation in which participants mention "the R," ''the No. 2" and "the lady," suspected references to the vice president.

Investigators suspect that in just one week, bribes could have totaled at least $262,000.

Guatemala has seen large protests over the scandal and another multimillion-dollar corruption scheme that rocked the nation's social security institute.

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