Screen_Shot_2015-08-21_at_8.17.19_PMThe Corozal Church of Christ Primary School first open its doors in 1993 and since then it has grown by leaps and bounds. What started as a single building has evolved into a 2 story building with continuous growth not only with its physical structure but also technologically. Today, through the assistance of Japan International Cooperation Agency, the school received a total of 15 laptops just in time for the new school year. David Diego, General Manager for Church of Christ told us more.

David Diego General Manager CCCPS.

“This is a partnership between the Corozal Church of Christ primary school and JICA and what happened is that through our volunteer here with JICA we get to know about these computers that it could be bought over in Japan and transported her to our institution so as to enhance our information and communication technology.”



“Exactly how much computers did you receive for the school?”

David Diego General Manager CCCPS.

“We receive today fifteen computers through that partnership between JICA and ourselves we had started from last school year that we will have information, communication and technology being implemented in our school because we have to move along with technology and so we know that the children of today will deal with a lot of buttons and so we need to let them know from the primary school level how to go about using a computer so it may enhance their efforts and their careers as they go along with their education to the secondary level.”

Over the summer break, the school underwent repairs. Principal Of the school, Jose Chan, is not only happy about the changes but also has future plans for the expansion of this institution.

Jose Chan Principal of CCCPS

“For the summer what we did is change the main gate and then we give the front gate the entrance and give it a new appearance as you can see and also repair the back fence about 75ft of fence that we completed.  In the future we have in plan to build a mutli-purpose building which will encompass an office, a computer room and at the bottom it will have an open areas whereby eventually we can have our own graduation and different events and this will be a very beautiful building that we have on the pipeline that we are dreaming to have much more in the future and also to expand and to grow so as to give more service to the upper Halls layout.”

Chan informs the public that spaces are available for the upcoming school year mainly for STD I, STD II, STD V and STD VI.

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