Screen_Shot_2015-08-25_at_8.00.34_PMIt is no secret that thousands of Belizeans travel to neighboring Melchor de Mencos in Guatemala and the Mexican frontier with the intent to save money on groceries, clothing and other services. And while millions of Belizean dollars are being pumped into those thriving economies, a Belizean family is crying foul tonight after a visit to Melchor de Mencos over the weekend ended in an unnecessary brawl with Guatemalans which caused injuries to many. According to Diana Trap, on Sunday her family suffered a traumatic experience and had to run back across to the Belize border after they were attacked by a mob of Guatemalan men near the Melchor market. Trapp says the scuffle stemmed from an assault upon her niece, a minor who accompanied her on the trip. Trapp recounted the tale to our friends at Krem Radio and here is her tale as she and her family and friends entered that alleyway near the market.

DIANA TRAPP – Claims of unjust treatment in Melchor

“When we walk off we just see pint bottle start to fly one of the man whey have one store, he haul one big machete after my nephew, who is only fourteen years old, My nephew returned with a pint, and everybody try run. I mi done get hurt. Some run left, some run right; I know I run right. When I reach around whey all the taxi deh, my friend said to me, ‘Dianne, you get cut!’ I look down and saw blood di spray. We try to got into a taxi and returned to the border, where I find one man who could speak English But I guess because him da Guatemalan, he can’t help me.  I just told my boyfriend jus lets try reach to the border  because my nephew and he try hold to try reach to the border and our immigration and my boyfriend went to three policeman and he started to tell them what had happened to us and then we see that two immigration officer come out like if they in charge and the lady ask my niece identification which I give them all the passports and she make one of her worker transfer me to the Benque Hospital and when I reached they the Chinney man told me if the cut would have gone deeper it would have cut your vein and it could have bled to death. I just wa sey one thing to all Belizeans: wi need fu stop go spend wi money da Melchor. Spend it ya. I think we could spend it ya, enjoy it and nothing nu wan happen to we I would a go down di defend my niece, my boyfriend and my family.”

Trapp recounted that when they reached Belize Immigration, her boyfriend approached three policemen who were on the Belize side of the border and explained to them what had just happened to them across Melchor. It is reported that the response of the policemen was that they could not do anything.

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