Screen_Shot_2015-08-25_at_8.00.26_PMA two-day local government orientation training that engaged municipal councilors and local managers concluded today at the Social Security Conference room. The sessions says Mayor Kevin Bernard, included a refresher course on the do’s and don’ts of roles and limits of the council.


“Discussed the role and the responsibility of the Council, that are their rights and what are their responsibilities as policy makers what is it that they can do or can’t do and today they touched on the accounting regulations, the powers vested into the Mayor, the Administrator in terms of what should be done and shouldn’t be done so it is basically informative information getting our councilors aware of what really they are to do as a council, what really we are to do as a body and then we are talking about the projects that has been ongoing it is a matter of continuity and information being passed on to those new council members as well for example what has been done with the BMDP projects in terms of the sustainable child friendly initiative and in the partnership we have done with the Social Investment Fund through the World Bank project so those are the things we are talking the Municipal Growth Plan what are we to do with those things how do we continue to work with those plans to make our town sustainable to make our town to be able to grow and for us to be able to increase in terms of revenue and initiative that we have been able to put forward as a Council.”   

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