It is said that an individual will be best receptive towards learning depending on the environment he or she occupies. Bearing that in mind the Corozal Community College is constantly finding means and ways to best accommodate its students. The institutions newest accomplishment comes in the form of a writing lab Chair for the Humanities Department.

Screen_Shot_2015-08-25_at_8.01.18_PMIvette Sanker Riveroll

“This is something new to CJC an addition to our current facilities; it is the CJC Humanities Department Writing lab we have space to comfortably seat  twenty students, we recognize that there is a writing issue or a problem that our students face not just at this level but at every educational level and in an attempt to address that we have come up what is this writing lab and the purpose of the lab is for us to be able to help our students to sit with them on a one to one basis or in small group conferences so that we can help them with their writing, help them to identify their strength their weaknesses in writing and in so doing edit their work and revise so that they can produce better quality work and we hope that the student will make the best of the opportunity that we are providing for them.”

The second accomplishment is the refurbishing of the laboratory. Science chair, Jose Trejo, says that despite the financing hurdles they encountered, the institution managed to reach their goal.

Jose Trejo -Science Department Chair.

“The facility as you can see basically has been refurbished and they have done quite a lot of work on it and it took some time to get it done for the most part financing and funding is always been some of the hurdles that we all have to face and finally we were able to put aside to put the funding for us to be able to have the facility in the way in which is being presented today.”

Like in any laboratory, rules and safety measures exist at CJC and students must abide by them.

Ryan Rivero.

“Here we carry out both Bio/Chemistry lab practical and we do ask students to adhere to lab safety rules; we have them wear goggles that you see around the table and we ask them to wear lab coats at all times, long pants and close up shoes in case of any accidents or chemical spills to have protection, here we are strict on the rules because we have had accidents that made us change the policy and like Mr. Mai rightfully said when they refurbished the lab we took into consideration safety ensuring that the students have ample space for students to exit the lab or to run in case of an emergency we have two doors and we label them we have fire extinguishers as well in case of a fire, we have eye wash stations in case there is a spill on the students eyes granted that they are wearing the goggles  in the lab and as stated we do adhere to a lot of safety because the students are made priority and we don’t want anything to happen to any of our students.”

Dean for the Corozal Junior College Jose Mai, acknowledged that the refurbishing of the lab and the establishment of the writing lab would not have been possible without the support of the staff.

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