noimageThe consumer price index reports that inflation is down by minus one percent. That is for the month of July which simply means that, on average, prices are one percent lower than they were in last July. By category, the price on food and non-alcoholic beverages are down minus zero point five percent. Housing, water, electricity, gas and other fuels are down also by minus zero point five percent. Transport is down at minus seven point one percent and all other categories of goods and services are up at 0.7 percent. The report shows a significant drop in fuel prices in July 2015 from July 2014. Premium gas is down to $9.37 from $12.25, regular gas is down to $9.58 to $11.88 and diesel is down to $7.56 from $10.54. In the food index, the price of eggs has increased dramatically by a 17.6 percent followed by meat at a 3.3 percent increase.  The cost of vegetables has dropped however, to 11.4 percent. By municipality, Dangriga has seen the highest inflation at 1.8 percent. The inflation in Belize City stands at minus one point five, Corozal at minus 0.8 percent, Orange Walk town at minus 0.7 percent, Belmopan at minus 2.1 percent, San Ignacio/Santa Elena stand at minus 1.3 percent and Punta Gorda at minus 1.0 percent.

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