Screen_Shot_2015-08-31_at_8.33.56_PMToday signalled a milestone for the Orange Walk Town Council and its business partners with the initiation of the Guadalupe Street Improvement Project. Viewers may recall that in 2013, we reported that a committee was formed under the banner GSIP, to rehabilitate the main road artery by paving the entire street but the funds were hard to come by. And two years later, this morning, heavy machinery and road barricades were installed in the area as works on Guadalupe Street kicked off. We spoke to Mayor Kevin Bernard who gave us an overview of the project.


“We had said this before when we started our initial street works in 2012 that at some point Guadalupe street we wanted to address that, I will go back to history Guadalupe Street Improvement Project Committee was formed where we would have gotten funding and support from the business community, taxes that were paid by residence living on this street would have gone to the fund and after a year and a half I think because we were not getting as much support as we thought the council decided that whatever taxes that was already paid we went ahead and on the upper part of Guadalupe street, by San Antonio road coming down to Nahil Mayab we invested in a lot of materials putting down some alin material so what we decided to do because the streets really needs attention, I mean residence have been complaining now we need to fix Guadalupe street and we know it is a priority I was on record saying that after Fiesta Rama whatever funds that we would have generated portion would have gone to school program and so what the council is doing is teaming up along with the Guadalupe Improvement Project Committee we form a part of that and so Mr. Abhram Rempel who is the biggest contributor from RB’s in this area has decided to generously give support to the committee with his contribution, we have another business man on this street that is giving another fifteen thousand and then the council is giving the other fifteen thousand to meet the down payment, this project will cost between a hundred and forty eight to a hundred and sixty thousand this is the estimates that we have gotten so what we are doing today we initially started to work and we have to do several processes, first we clean off the old materials and then we are goig to be putting down the allin material compaction and I must say that you will see the council working on the preliminary part then our contractor Tygrob and Sons will be coming in to do some additional work that is to be able to cut some cost for this type of work if we were to give the award the contract fully it would cost much more so what we are doing is to simply get the work done and get the work prepare and we are hoping that by the end of this week we should have this street once we work from early in the morning to the time we have set in the evening we should have this first portion of the road.”               

They say progress brings problems, and adding to the large portion of the Philip Goldson Highway that runs in Town recently rehabilitated, speeding has been an issue. We posed the question to the Mayor on any plans to address this problem…


“I think importantly, here in Guadalupe Street we will be installing of course there is a pedestrian ramp in front of RB’s and further up there is a bump to alleviate the speeding on this area, on the highway itself there were a lot of bumps and pedestrian crossings in fact right behind us right here there was a bump initially that has be removed, people are requesting bumps by Solomons there is a pedestrian crossing that actually needs to be there so those heavy speed bumps that they are putting right now really does not help unless it is built to stop the vehicle I hoping that the ministry of works can look at that.”

The GSIP committee has a bank account and Bernard says that they will continue to deposit funds so that they can pay the cost to create a proper drainage system for the street after the project is complete.

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