Screen_Shot_2015-09-01_at_8.14.42_PMAnd while going from long, lazy summer days back to the rigors of a classroom can be a bumpy road for your child, teachers and parents need to play a key role in that transition. Today we asked teachers for their advice on how to keep our children motivated and hungry for knowledge.


“Even though we coming back from a long vacations we try to gear down into the lessons as the days goes by and we want to let the parents know that they are fully responsible for the children when they go home so they have all the rights to get into their bags, search for that homework and come to the school and talk to the teachers after classes and find out what the student has to do and what is there to be done for the course of the week or for the month probably and work with the children as best as they could don’t leave them one side and ask only if there is any homework and the child responds no and just leave it like that no get there and work with your child and what you want them is to perform better every day and in every level that they go.”


“As a teacher what would you say what it takes to get the child’s full potential, is it a collaboration between the school the teacher/parents?


“Most definitely, it is collaboration between parents/teachers and the students, the school environment itself has a lot to do with this so if teachers are cooperating, if parents are working hand in hand with the teachers then of course we will have our students who will be encouraged by seeing this parent and teacher meeting conferencing and teaching each other with respect and love and I am sure that most of the students will take this into account and will want to perform better for the parents, teachers and especially for themselves.”


“Any advice for the parents out there, the school education doesn’t end at the school when they leave?”


“Definitely not education begins at home and it is a process that should continue at home and throughout the lifetime of the child as a student and I encourage parent to be an active participant when it comes to supporting education specifically when it comes to checking their assignments and motivating them sending them to school with a good breakfast and preparing them to school and materials needed and everything definitely parents play an important role when it comes to the performance of children at school.”

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