Screen_Shot_2015-09-01_at_8.14.52_PMThe Nature Park in the Louisiana Area in Orange Walk Town has received a small upgrade thanks to the collaborative efforts of the Rotary Club of Orange Walk and the Town Council. The park now has two solar lights that were installed over the weekend. Councilor in charge of parks and playgrounds Ian Cal tells us more about the initiative.

Ian Cal – Councilor

“Two solar lights, one was much needed and it was a test phase because we wanted to see what space it would cover, so they decided to start with two, what the council collaborated on was the man power and the structure itself that holds the light that came from the council and the poles and it was a project together with them so we sat there this Saturday did the installation and we also clean the area, we painted the play set but at the same time we were noticing that we need more light as well so they have committed to getting more lights donated and of course as a council we have to do the same thing this weekend so we will see more lights in that area and like I said it is a test phase it is something new in Orange Walk no parks has solar lights in Orange Walk so it is something new and it is something that we would like to see as a council and we welcome anyone who wants to partner as well to see how we can get those types of lights in other parts as well.”

The councilor also asks the public to take care of the lights in the area and adds that they hope to create new partnerships from which the Orange Walk community can benefit.

Ian Cal – Councilor

“We ask the general public to take care of the lights it is for them especially the residence of that area that use the park on a daily basis for them to keep an eye on the lights and they are very goods lights they are motioned sensors as well so if you pass and if no one is there in the playground you won’t see the lights on but as soon as the kids step in the motion moving around the lights comes on and it stays on it is something nice and it was something that was urgently needed in that area and it is something that we promised as well so we thank the Rotary Club of Orange Walk for donating the much needed lights and we look forward to continue working with them in the near future .”

The donation was made by the Rotary Club of Orange Walk as part of its 44th anniversary in Belize.

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